I have been recycling textiles into rugs and teaching rag rug making since 1986. Using traditional rag rug techniques of hooking, progging and plaiting, I believe in re-using, sourcing locally and treading lightly on the planet.

My early work was informed by mythology, lore and ethnic art. Recent work has focused more on texture, colour and twentieth century art movements, with Nature as a continuous inspiration.

Whilst bringing rag rug making into the twenty-first century, I honour the generations of ordinary people who used their cast-off clothing to make rugs out of necessity. I love helping people to explore their creativity through such an accessible medium and offer courses locally and around the country.

I work to commission, exhibit and sell rugs, kits, rug making tools and equipment. I am a member of the Worcestershire Guild of Designer/ Craftsmen, the Creative Breaks Association, Wool-Gatherers, the International Guild of Handhooking Rug Makers and a Friend of the Heritage Crafts Association.  

In 2003 Traplet Publications published my book RAG RUG MAKING, reprinted in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2014. My work can be seen in:
Herefordshire: at the Lion Gallery in Leominster and at Wool and Willow at Hay-on-Wye;
Worcestershire: at Blue Ginger Gallery, Cradley and at Hartlebury Castle near Kidderminster;
Shropshire: at Isaac Smart’s in Ludlow.

Jenni's new book is now available. Get a signed copy for £14.95 + £2.50 p&p. To order using Paypal or cheque, email Jenni.




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